Edwin G Bourne aka EG Bourne

Edwin G Bourne, aka EG Bourne, was born in Jamaica, Queens to Bajan parents. He spent his early childhood in Rochdale Village. He moved to Springfield Gardens once his parents acquired a home which was five minutes from his old neighborhood. During his journey through life and  education he obtained an Associates degree in Marketing Management and Sales at New York City Technical College (City Tech), a Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications at Baruch College, and Graduate Certification in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University. 

In 2010, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to start a new life and adventure with fiancé Samantha Perkins. The slower pace in life of the South helped developed his creativity as he dabbled into the world of blogging and web development.

In February 2011, he founded the zany, sometimes controversial, but entertaining blog, Word is Bourne,  were he uses it as an outlet to  express and voice his opinion on some of the most unorthodox and random news that comes out. Edwin took it upon himself to learn the magic that a WordPress CMS platform can help him create in order to be a part of Internet conglomerate.

One website wasn’t enough as he created, Black Urban Media, at the end of 2012 that provided his readers with current events, celebrity, and entertainment news pertaining to the black community. He is also the web administrator and content creator for his fiancé’s Mobile Massage practice, Refuge of Therapeutic Healing and Wellness LLC, that caters to clients living in the metro Atlanta area.  

EG Bourne self-published his first  anticipated urban novel called, Not About That Life, which will be available on CreateSpace, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It’s a fictional novel that is based on two brothers named Clifford and Riley as they grow up in the Southside of Queens as each one takes a different journey through life. Clifford is fascinated about the street life and accolades that comes with it as he looks up to the wrong people. Riley, the mild-mannered, knowledgable but street-savvy youth becomes intrigued with his West Indian and African heritage which made him an outcast to his peers.  Throughout their youth and adolescence they start to learn more about themselves, their heritage and the environment that molds them into the men they will become. 

EG Bourne is eagerly working on the sequel, so he can share it with the world once again. 

Samantha Perkins 

Samantha Perkins

Samantha Perkins is a New Jersey native and grew up as a classical dancer studying ballet, pointe, jazz, and tap. She trained for the majority of her youth at Westminister Dance Academy in Union, NJ under professional dance instructors who performed for the New Jersey Ballet. 

In her late teens to early twenties she trained wth Alvin Ailey Dance in New York City studying Dunham, the dance technique created by Katherine Dunham that infuses African, Caribbean dance/martial arts into European Ballet.

She eventually moved to Atlanta for work in her mid-twenties and now is a neuromuscular therapist and owner of Refuge of Therapeutic Healing and Wellness LLC in Georgia. She is the author of the romance novel Seduction, mystery novel Lost Journals of Black Gold: Shadow Reign Chronicles Volume One and the Sci-Fi novel Handler. Perkins is in the process of writing sequels for Seduction and Lost Journals of Black Gold. 

Perkins currently resides in Atlanta with her fiancé and Yorkshire terrier. For more information regarding her health and wellness practice, visit



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